Love Lives Here ( all year long)

In Australia we dont really do Valentine's Day in any big way. The kids dont give each other Valentines they dont do a big thing of it in school etc ( though I do remember getting a rose or 2 in high school — they sold them to raise money for the year 12 formal). And that makes me a lil sad.

After all how could a day that celebrates love be a bad thing?
( Plus I really really really love chocolate!)

Maybe it will come about like Halloween - the last 2 years my kids have been trick or treating and I have gotten to great the cutest lil witches at my door. I hope so.

But I wanted a touch more love in my house. And a lil something I could have year round.

So I made some. ( Crafty People Rule!) And guess what I needed nothing fancy!!!!
Yep Im not about to tell you to go get photoshop , etc.
The fancy program I used is....

wait for it...

Open Office people!!
Hell you could even do it with stamps if you didn't have a printer!

All I used was
* Open Office ( or Microsoft word. Im a Mac and choose not to pay for word when there was this amazing free product to fill my need)
*An old magazine
*Scraps of black cardstock
* An old frame
* a free font and a free clipart from here
( insert stamps here if you dont have or dont want to use a printer)

I went with Love Lives Here as it did not scream valentines, but was still on the mushy side
(Apparently this is important for Valentine's Day..)

and played around with the size of the words until I was happy ( size 72 I chose)
and inserted my free clip art heart and played around with that size to fit comfortably underneath

I printed it on my old magazine ( my magazine paper fitted perfectly in my printer, but I have used a bit of double sided tape to stick cardstock on printer paper for my journaling)
As it had a bit of a sheen I gave it a few minutes to dry.

I cut around the words and mounted it on black card stock and coloured the heart with a touch of watercolour paint that I had lying around from earlier in the day.
And then I placed a new sheet of magazine paper on the backing board of my frame and placed ( I dint stick it down incase I decided I wanted to swap it out for other holidays.)
And closed it up.

Add a heart candle a cute little girl gave you for sewing her preschool sheets and a heart origami you found when looking for some jumping frog origami for racing with the kids and wallah! A touch of Valentines!

Easy right! It probably did not need a tutorial, but as I have a sleeping baby on me who is cranky whenever I move, so you got one.

P.s I dont have a p.s. for you today. Dont cry Im sure I will next time!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh wow wow wow!! This is JUST GORGEOUS! I loveeeeee this! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Teresa said...

Thank You... Ive just had a ton of fun playing around with this!

Roxanne said...

Oh! I LOVE hearts!!
I nominated you for the Liesbster award...check it out on my blog!

Mandy said...

So so cute...we don't do it big here either...i made little heart garlands to hang and gave my kids a heart chocolate and some more chocolate...maybe this year i might do something sweet like your little sign...maybe time is a factor...xxx

Leanne J said...

That is SUPERB.. i love how you've done it and it looks amazing..WOOT WOOT.... yay...

oh and PS.. i am a little choked up with emotion that there isnt multiple PS{s} here...not happy Jan..lol

southernscraps said...

This is pretty!

Sarah Lou said...


Wendys Hat said...

This is darling! It would go great with my paper heart garland that I made with old book pages. Thanks!

Amy said...

SO sweet! I love anything made from book pages! And I like that you can leave it out past Valentine's Day! Thanks for the idea; I'd love for you to share it here too: