Im sad, it was the last day of school holidays yesterday - which means the baby and i sleeping in till 9 9:30 is no more. But we spent the last day in style. ( grainy museum style - gotta love that low light!) Big boy date style!! ( thanks Kaye for taking the Kook).
Yep the Museum.
The boys love it there - i think it has something to do with all of those bones. My boys are gross, so skeletons - right up their alley!
But it does mean back to school Monday. Somehow I dont think the littlest brother will be very impressed.

Ps I got another layout picked up by scrapbooking memories! Yay - it's the Joshua Layout and the best bit - I actually like this one!!!

PPS Watch out if you are anywhere near Rooty Hill Caro tonight - they are letting me out amongst Other Adults!!!!

PPPs Im meant to be getting ready right now.

PPPPs Though I really cant be arsed.

PPPPPs My mum thinks I use the word Arsed and Arse to much on here.

PPPPPPs Sorry Mum.


Kate said...

woot woot shaggers ridge wont know what hit 'em!!

love the museum too, so jealous!! xox

Sarah Lou said...

love it! not heard it called that before!! Im off to watch Rods gig - so no shagging for me.

Leanne said...

woot woot about the pic up for pub.. yay.. and i dont think you say Arsed too much.. i hadnt noticed until you said.. YAY...

Ann-Marie said...

LOL u always make me laugh!!! Congrats on the up-coming publication :) YAY!!!!!

aussiescrapper said...

lol re: leaving you with other adults, I am so proud of you getting a layout in SM - good for you dear friend. I cannot wait to see it. The Museum looks great, and your right lots of boy bones and gross stuff, I think Nate will love it in a year or two also, I hope you had a great night out at Caro Hill. Love Melxxx