A few too Many ( a giveaway)

What are those you ask? 

Well they are some of these. And I have more then enough for me, so Im going to give a couple away, they come in 2 types. So if you want one, click my email button and write me.  And just cause Im curious tell me where you hang out on line. Ill send OS. ( and im not fussed if you havent commented before, though please say hello, I cant believe how much joy a simple comment can make!))
Im also overjoyed to say congratulations to my dear friend Daphne, who has had her first photograph published. The first of many Im sure. 


Daph said...

What a great idea Sarah....Im hanging to use my one....one day...thanks for the congrats too LOL

clare's craftroom said...

Hi Sarah Lou , I would LOVE one of those signs they are beautiful . I'm happy to pay postage .