Holy Cow!!

Look here,
now scroll to where it says Public Choice Runner up - see that name its mine!!, and I checked Im the only one by that name in the challenge. So not expecting that - each time I saw a new entry go up, I kept going Oh wow. this will win or that will. ( incidentally the one that one is the one I voted for so im glad to see that!). I entered my the day the wind ( was not) blue and The quality of the photo of the  LO out was shocking! Im Shocked but happy.

ITs been all quiet here on the western front as my hubby who never takes a day off is ill and has been off since this time last week. He still is not well. I had to stay home last night instead of going to see The Script at concert. The things we do for love. But on the bright side I have ben playing with my sewing machine, playing around for Softies for Mirabel.
No pictures though as my camera is demanding new batteries! 

Cute baby shows what will be going on around here this weekend - dying husband or not. He has been waiting a long time for this ( am I a horrible wife if the only reason I care about the Eels winning is so I dont have a sooking Hubby all off season!?!)

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